We Are Cities is a new campaign to engage Canadians across the country to shape a vision and action plan for how we can build livable cities – exciting and healthy places to live, work and play.


Join the conversation about how to create more livable cities! 

We Are Cities roundtables are happening across the country this spring. Find your local roundtable – or if your city isn’t represented, host your own!

You can also contribute to the conversation by submitting an idea to the online forum – as well as voting and commenting on ideas put forth by others.


Roundtables are coming up in the following cities:

We want a country in which:

  • public, private and social sectors are engaged in active efforts to close the gap between the socioeconomic wellbeing of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people
  • the public sector, private investors and philanthropists separately and collaboratively deploy financial capital to create positive social and environmental impact
  • social innovation is an integral part of Canada’s innovation ecosystem, enabling civic institutions to co-create policies, initiatives and programs that enable citizens to contribute a diversity of skills and perspectives to Canadian society
  • public, private and civil society sectors act collaboratively and courageously to advance human thriving and address shared challenges
  • humans’ social and economic footprint is in balance with the natural ecosystems that sustain life.