Vickie Cammack interviewed by Charity Village

Vickie Cammack, cofounder of the PLAN Institute and CEO of Tyze, was interviewed by Charity Village for their recent Leadership in Focus column.
In the interview, Vickie Cammack speaks about straddling the non-profit and private sector worlds, and the challenges and advantages of each; about Tyze and PLAN; and about the building blocks for good leadership.
It’s so interesting, we’re seeing a lot of people from the business sector moving into the social change arena and that is a fantastic thing. But they need the accompaniment of equally bold and visionary people from the nonprofit sector. You can’t just willy nilly apply corporate principles and think you’re going to solve the social problem. And so, it’s about finding ways to blend. And there are all kinds of challenges on how to measure social impact — it’s so much easier to measure profit — but we need to find ways to balance that, ways that take both parts of a return on investment — social and financial — into any change equation.”
Read the interview in its entirety here.