URBAN TOMORROWS: Share your vision

How can we, as an increasingly urban-dwelling citizens, collectively imagining our futures with cities as the backdrop?
URBAN TOMORROWS is a research project whose goal is to collect ideas and visions on future cities.
A research team at the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning at the Technische Universitat Berlin has developed a crowdsourced research project to encourage individuals to share what cities might look like, and how to get there. Their goal is simple: to collect the ideas that people nowadays hold about the future of our cities, and through the lens of these visions, gain a better understanding of our world today and the possible future worlds we may create. Because of open-ended nature of this subjet, the research team is seeking opinions on anything and everything that relates to cities — this encompasses discussions of the technological, environmental, architectural, economical, political, and social aspects of future cities.
From their project description:
“Cities, by nature, are forever “in the making” – never quite reaching the utopic visions and scenarios that we may dare to imagine for the world around us. Despite this reality, humanity’s visions for an urban future (have and will) provide the basis for the cities that we create. At the same time, such visions mirror the hopes and fears, doubts, and foresight of today’s society. The aim of this project is to create a compendium of these visions and ideas in order to discuss their social, environmental, economic, and political consequences for future urban design while exploring the implications for the cities we inhabit today.”
Click here to share YOUR vision by filling out a short questionnaire.
The team plans to update its site in winter 2016 with research outcomes, so be sure to follow along to find out what others are saying.