Tyze is now accepting expressions of interest for The Belonging Fund

Created in partnership with the Foundation, The Belonging Fund makes Tyze’s online networks available to Canadian charitable organizations that work with those who are at risk of suffering from isolation. Expressions of interest from qualified charities are currently being welcomed.
“No one should have to face disability, chronic illness or caregiving alone,” says Vickie Cammack, President and CEO of Tyze. “Our secure networks coordinate involvement and provide a practical service to help families, friends, neighbours and professionals develop a private, connected network of care. We are committed to building the information and technology bridges between formal and informal caregivers that we know can improve the well being of Canadians.” (source)
Learn more about The Belonging Fund from Tyze’s website.
See Vickie Cammack speak about Tyze at a June 2010 symposium on social innovation here.