TIM Review: Social Innovation

Foundation President Stephen Huddart is the guest editor for the July issue of Technology Innovation Management (TIM) Review. The issue highlights the promise and potential of technology-enabled social innovation and features contributions from some of Canada’s leading social innovators and entrepreneurs.
Articles include: Renewing the Future: Social Innovation Systems, Sector Shift, and Innoweave by Stephen Huddart; From Stories to Evidence: How Mining Data Can Promote Innovation in the Nonprofit Sector by Michael Lenczner and Susan Phillips; Being Disruptive: How Open Growth is Delivering Effective Social Change at a Fast Pace by Elisha Muskat and Delyse Sylvester; Evergreen Brick Works: An Innovation and Sustainability Case Study by Seana Irvine; Accelerating a Network Model of Care: Taking a Social Innovation to Scale by Vickie Cammack and Kerry Byrne; Hacking Health: Bottom-up Innovation for Healthcare by Jeeshan Chowdhury; and
Platformation: Cloud Computing Tools at the Service of Social Change by Anil Patel.
Click here to download TIM Review’s July issue.