Tim Brodhead in Axiom News

Two recent Axiom News articles by Camille Jensen featured Foundation President and CEO Tim Brodhead.
In “Why We Should Equip and Encourage our Voluntary Sector to be Enterprising,” Tim stresses the importance of Social Finance to ensure the resilience of the community sector:
“Our hope is that social finance will create new sources of funding for activities undertaken by community organizations, not for profits and charities. New sources, being both diversified and additional. I think we need to really stress that the purpose of encouraging new sources of funding is not to substitute for what exists already but to increase and complement what exists.”
In “Demonstrate by Doing, Engage Others: McConnell Foundation’s Strategy to Promote Social Finance,” Tim speaks about the leveraging power that would result from Foundations investing their capital assets to support their missions.
Learn more the Foundation’s contributions to Social Finance here.