In early October, people gathered at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto to listen to eight speakers talk about how cities can not only grow and develop but also flourish. The Walrus Talks Resilience, produced by The Walrus Foundation in collaboration with Musagetes and Cities for People, responded to the question: how can cities and communities build themselves to thrive through difficult times? With diverse backgrounds and interests—from the arts to indigenous rights, entrepreneurship to the environment to technological innovation—each speaker spoke passionately, reflected on their own experiences and viewpoints, and offered fresh ideas about how to build more resilient, collaborative, and innovative communities.
The Walrus Talks Resilience featured:
Poet Mustafa Ahmed
University of Guelph’s Ajay Heble
Cisco Canada’s Rick Huijbregts
People for Education’s Annie Kidder
Cisco Canada’s David Miller
Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada’s Gabrielle Scrimshaw
SiG@Waterloo’s Frances Westley
To watch Ajay Heble’s talk entitled Improvisation, Resilience, Hope: Enacting the possibilities we envision, please visit Walrus TV.
The Walrus Talks is a national series of events produced by the charitable, non-profit Walrus Foundation as part of an educational mandate to provide forums for conversation on matters vital to Canadians. The Walrus Foundation produces The Walrus magazine, the most awarded publication in Canada, as well as producing content at, on Walrus TV, and on stages from coast to coast to coast.