The Stop Featured in Canadian Business

Foundation grantee, The Stop Community Food Centre (the Stop) was recently featured in the Canadian Business article The Stop: The capitalist’s guide to feeding the poor, describing the Stop’s journey from a traditional food bank model to an innovative community food centre.
The article highlights the Stop’s ever-growing array of programs and initiatives to engage and serve its clientele, including “community gardens that provide a therapeutic space where members are taught how to grow their own vegetables; programs that teach young mothers about proper nutrition; workshops where local residents learn about food security and receive public-speaking training; and after-school classes where tweens whip up healthy meals”.
The article also shares the Stop’s innovative approach to diversifying funding and revenue, highlighting some of the social enterprises launched by the Stop, including a successful catering business and farmer’s market, among others.
Building on the success of the Stop’s model, and with demand for similar models in other communities, Community Food Centres Canada was recently launched to share the community food centre model across the country.
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