Like many others, the McConnell team has been navigating inordinate amounts of information since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

Week to week, this informal reading digest captures some of the themes that are top of mind for Foundation staff and shares the resources that we’ve come across as we collectively respond to, and learn from our new context. 


May 21: Digest 7 –  Building back better: Bold and creative solutions from across the globe

We’re continuously inspired by bold and creative solutions that are emerging across the globe. Through the lens of McConnell’s priority areas, this week’s digest highlights promising efforts that are being advanced in the journey towards a brighter post-COVID-19 future.


May 14: Digest 6 – The implications of re-opening on our priority areas?

As governments across the globe attempt their best moves to loosen social distancing measures, we’ve highlighted some of the medium-term implications of re-opening economies through the lens of the Foundation’s priority areas.


April 30: Digest 5 – Equity considerations in reopening education and COVID-19’s impact on the charitable sector

This week, we  curated a deep-dive on equity considerations in reopening education. We also highlighted reflections on COVID-19’s impact on the Canadian charitable sector and how philanthropy is stepping up to support it to thrive.


April 23: Digest 4 – Reimagining financial systems and mental health responses

Many initiatives and responses to COVID-19 are emerging in the Social Finance community. This week, we shared some pieces that outline the financial mechanisms that are being unlocked. We also took a deep dive into different supports which are emerging in the mental health space.


April 16: Digest 3 – Data, imagination and McConnell’s virtual convenings

This week, there was keen interest in how data collection technologies are being used to address the crisis so we took a deep dive into personal data use and explored how COVID-19 is pushing us to envision new forms of digital public infrastructure. We also shared a few resources exploring the role of the imagination in building a post-COVID world.


April 9: Digest 2 – Indigenous perspectives and impacts of COVID-19 on food security

Indigenous communities’ responses to COVID-19 were top of mind this week, as the crisis continued to exacerbate the socio-economic challenges that many communities were already facing. We also took a deep dive into the impacts of the crisis on food security in Canada. 


April 2: Digest 1 – The clean energy transition, regulatory responses and our new virtual reality

In this first digest, we were interested in learning about the potential opportunities brought on by COVID-19 as we continue to advance a clean energy transition. We also explored how government regulations affect COVID-19 responses and in turn, how responses are altering policymaking. Finally, as our operations went 100% virtual, we shared some of our favourite tools and tips to reinvent virtual work.