Summit on Poverty Reduction

This past May, 46 senior leaders – including the CEO of United Way Canada, the Deputy Minister, Department of Social Development, Government of New Brunswick, heads from several major corporations, foundations, and academics – were invited by the McConnell Foundation and the Tamarack Institute to join a strategic dialogue about working collaboratively to tackle poverty.

This event included focused discussions around key challenges: broadening civic engagement; the roles of business and government in community change efforts; the impact of current efforts; and maintaining momentum. Evidence about the patterns, themes and results of comprehensive community approaches to poverty reduction was also presented.
Now available on-line: the five-page summary prepared by the Caledon Institute; keynote speech by Dana Robbins, Publisher, the Hamilton Spectator on the vital role of the media in poverty reduction; the Wellesley Institute’s advance paper commissioned to provide an overview of place-based approaches to poverty reduction in Canada (see Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Lessons Learned, Potential and Opportunities Moving Forward); and more on the web page created by Tamarack Institute containing all the presentations and resources developed for the Strategic Dialogue on Poverty Reduction, at