Staff at the 2009 Philanthropic Foundations Canada

Several senior Foundation staffers participated in “The Pulse of Philanthropy,” the 3rd national conference of Philanthropic Foundations Canada. From October 28-30, 2009, leaders in the philanthropic sector met in Calgary to explore the shifting funding landscape as charities and nonprofits address the effects of the economic downturn. President and CEO Tim Brodhead moderated a core session on mission and practice-based reflection. Foundation leaders shared their experiences of gathering input from peers, field experts and grantees in helping address the question: how can we be as effective as possible in achieving our mission? Presenters included Fiona Ellis, former Director, Northern Rock Foundation, Newcastle, UK and the Muttart Foundation’s Christopher Smith.

Stephen Huddart, Vice President of the Foundation, presented in a concurrent session on immigration and the role of foundations in providing opportunities for engagement, success, and the development of a more inclusive society. Moderated by the Maytree Foundation’s Ratna Omidvar, other presenters included The Metropolis Project’s Howard Duncan and Germany’s Ulrich Kolber, from Bertelsmann Foundation.

Finally, Senior Program Officer John Cawley designed and presented at a session on sport and philanthropy. Together with moderator Ian Bird of grantee Sport Matters Group, other presenters included the Ontario Trillium Foundations’ Doug Gore and Blythe Hartley from Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation. Conversation explored using sport as a community development mechanism, fostering the next generation of volunteers and mobilizing citizens from a range of backgrounds in building resilient communities.

“I am proud that Calgary will be hosting this important gathering under the theme of The Pulse of Philanthropy,” writes Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach in welcoming the delegates. “Alberta would not be the success it is today without the generosity of independent grantmakers and foundations… Without a doubt, your work will be appreciated by grant and donation recipients for years to come.”