Spotlight on new grants

The Trustees of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation approved funding for several organizations and initiatives, including:

Rideau Hall Foundation ($125,000)
Funds will be used to support Imagine a Canada – an initiative that engages children and youth across the country in expressing a vision of a reconciled nation.
Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission ($325,000)
Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission will use this grant to help governments at all levels address challenging questions related to climate change and carbon pricing.
Engineers Without Borders (up to $420,000)
This grant will be used to support the expansion of the Engineering Change Lab, which addresses issue such as ethics failures, lack of cultural and gender diversity in engineering and the role of innovation in helping make progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada ($450,000)
A grant from the Foundation will support the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society in developing policy, training and education material to improve conditions for First Nations children across Canada.