Spotlight on new grants

The Trustees of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation have approved new grants and contributions to Teach for Canada, Pour 3 Points, Tides Canada Foundation, and the World Wide Hearing Foundation.
world wide hearing logoWorld Wide Hearing Foundation ($75,000)
A grant from the Foundation will help the World Wide Hearing Foundation (WWH) to provide training to 24 local public health workers in Nunavut to identify ear and hearing problems, such as infections, punctured ear drums, and obstructions.
Pour 3 Points ($150,000)tous pour 3 points logo
To help Pour 3 Points expand its operations to meet growing demand for life skills coaching for student athletes in lower income neighbourhoods, and to explore partnerships that will deepen its impact.
Tides Canada Foundation ($600,000)
To support Tides Canada in implementing the regional and sub-regional plans of the Marine Plan Partnership for the North Pacific Coast (MaPP), with the goal of balancing environmental stewardship and sustainable development.
teach for canadaTeach for Canada ($700,000)
The Foundation grant will be used to support staff, communications, travel and programs costs to improve equal access to education in rural, northern and Aboriginal communities.