Spotlight on new grants

The Trustees of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation have approved funding for several organizations and initiatives, including:

Canadian Environmental Grantmaker’s Network (CEGN) ($300,000)

The Canadian Environmental Grantmaker’s Network will use funds from McConnell to support scientific analysis, policy development, advocacy and government relations for its members.




Clean Economy Fund ($525,000)

A grant from McConnell will help the Clean Economy Fund accelerate energy efficiency uptake in Canada by engaging with utilities, decision makers and industry associations.




National Theatre School of Canada ($600,000)

Funds will help the National Theatre School of Canada revamp its programs to include greater emphasis on digital media and community engagement.





United Way Winnipeg & Winnipeg Boldness Project ($175,000)

A grant from the Foundation will enable Winnipeg Boldness to prototype solutions to improve wellbeing for children and families in the Point Douglas neighbourhood of Winnipeg Manitoba.



Taking IT Global ($575,430)
Funds will be used to help Taking IT Global expand their Connected North program into more schools in the Yukon and Northwest Territories.




University of Waterloo – WISIR Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience ($185,000)
A grant from the Foundation will be used to help launch the Turtle Island Institute — an Indigenous-led initiative — to develop people’s ability to use social innovation to address the pressing challenges facing Indigenous communities.




Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation ($150,000)

A grant from the Foundation will support the Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation to mentor a cohort of Indigenous entrepreneurs, and to eventually launch an impact investment fund focused on expanding the field of Indigenous social enterprise.



First Peoples Justice Centre of Montreal ($200,000)

The First Peoples Justice Centre of Montreal will use funds from the Foundation to introduce Indigenous approaches to justice and sentencing in Montreal and to share these approaches with cities across Quebec.