Spotlight on new grants from WellAhead

The WellAhead initiative has approved support for nine projects addressing systemic barriers to student wellbeing in Canada.


An Indigenous Approach to Wellbeing

Ontario Association of Indigenous Friendship Centres ($300,000)

The Ontario Association of Indigenous Friendship Centres will use funds from McConnell to support student-voiced approaches from OFIFC’s Indigenous education research to integrate Indigenous community-driven approaches to wellbeing in schools.

Qalipu First Nation ($193,350)

Funds will help Qalipu First Nation, education, health, university, associations and national organizations to create a system to support school health for Indigenous students in Western Newfoundland.

Tsuut’ina Nation ($300,000)

A grant from McConnell will help Tsuut’ina Nation to expand the Nation’s language and culture program within grades K-12 in order to facilitate a stronger sense of identity and pride among Tsuut’ina students resulting in increased academic achievement, improved mental health of students and competent, proud Tsuut’ina learners.


Wellbeing Beyond the Classroom

The Recess Project/PHE Canada ($300,000)

A grant from the Foundation will be used to impact the way elementary schools across Canada approach recess by developing a national network; influencing policy and practice; raising awareness; and training and supporting school-community leaders.

Cantons’active ($78,000)

Funds will help Cantons’active to optimize and enhance recess by bringing about changes in structures, practice and social norms in Quebec schools.

Fondation Monique Fitz-Back ($137,050)

The Fondation Monique Fitz-Back will use funds from McConnell to partner with organizations in the field of education, health and research to support greater uptake and use of best practices in the area of outdoor education in Quebec.


Educator-Centred Approaches

EverActive Schools and University of Calgary ($288,700)

A grant from the Foundation will be used to build teacher capacity to respond to student wellbeing concerns as well as support teachers’ own self-care and wellbeing by integrating comprehensive school health into pre-service teacher education programs in Alberta.

Langley School District ($80,000)

Langely School District will use funds from McConnell to shift district culture in favour of wellbeing of all, including teachers, staff and administration, through the use ofbaseline data, evidence-based approaches and engagement of multiple stakeholders, with the goal of influencing policy and practice to enhance wellness.

Social innovation

Achieving Community Together Lab ($300,000)

Funds will help deepen social emotional wellbeing for children and youth in the tri-municipal region of Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County Alberta by challenging the systems of education, health, recreation and social services to work together to solve complex challenges and meaningfully engaging students as leaders and animators.