To address complex challenges, the Foundation is adopting an integrated approach to deploying financial capital and adapting financial models to catalyze, sustain and scale systems transformation: Solutions Finance.

The Foundation supports the development of Solutions Finance in Canada by using our own financial assets in a range of ways (funding, loans, loan guarantees, impact investments, responsible investing and shareholder activism) to support social innovation. We seek to grow the field and influence markets by sharing lessons and collaborating on the development of new financial instruments and changes to financial policies. We also encourage community organizations to diversify their business models to include social enterprise and other revenue-generating models.


Solutions Finance: An integrated approach

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Our Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIPP) outlines the principles governing McConnell’s investment policy and addresses key matters such as investment beliefs, principles and asset mix. The SIPP helps to ensure consistency, continuity and good governance in the management of the Foundation’s financial assets. It also aims to make certain that fiduciaries of the assets manage them in a responsible and prudent manner.