Through our Social Innovation Learning Program (SILP), the Foundation offers semi-regular retreats to grantees working to scale their social innovation. The goal of SILP is to accelerate the impact of the Foundation’s grantees by creating a space for learning, mutual exchange and support.

Developing and scaling new approaches to address social, cultural and environmental problems can be challenging. We recognize these challenges and are committed to expanding the capacity, knowledge and networks of Canadian social innovators by combining financial support with learning experiences and network development.

SILP offers support to both individuals and organizations who are scaling social innovation. The program design emphasizes:

  • Models or frameworks for scaling, e.g., scaling up, out & deep
  • Peer-to-peer support and coaching
  • How to create more effective partnerships and create favourable conditions for collaboration
  • How to take a “systems thinking” approach to your work and how this can be beneficial when addressing complex seemingly intractable social problems.
  • Support participants on their journey as social innovators

The program

The program typically runs for 18 months, with about 12 grantee organizations invited to participate. SILP is an opportunity to accelerate your impact. As one past participant said:

SILP gave us a framework to talk through what we are trying to do (in our case, scale out and eventually scale up). I don’t think we would have been as clear about what we’re trying to do without the knowledge and language we gained at SILP and the input from our peers.


Email Program Director Chad Lubelsky for more info