Social Innovation Fund

Social Innovation Fund

Improving the lives of Canadians—and contributing to a more resilient society—requires breakthrough ideas and approaches. Game changing strategies and collaborations, and continuous innovation are required to lift us all up. Our Social Innovation Fund supports organizations looking to strengthen their capacities in order to scale for greater impact.

How does the Social Innovation Fund Work?

The Social Innovation Fund supports works in alignment with our mission and granting priorities. We provide funding in the following categories:

Early Stage Consolidation

We fund community sector organizations that have proven or promising early-stage innovations and require additional support. We help them to create the capacity and conditions to effectively sustain their work.


Re-tooling for Growth

We provide funding to established organizations already operating successful social innovations so that they scale up to meet growing demand. For organizations with over $1 million annual budget, funding helps them introduce innovations that significantly modify or complement their core business.


In addition to providing direct grants through the Fund, the Foundation may convene meetings with other social innovators, policymakers and funders. We also arrange access to Innoweave workshops; and commission studies or reports.