Sneak peek: Montreal’s neighbourhood roundtables

This June we will have the opportunity to meet with some of Montreal’s neighbourhood roundtables! Find out more about the work of some of these changemaking organizations: 
Vivre Saint-Michel en santé
Vivre Saint-Michel en santé (VSMS) is a coalition of community organizations, citizens and institutions committed to fight against poverty and social exclusion. Their areas of expertise include but are not limited to mobilization, civic engagement, and support to local projects with municipal authorities. Learn more about their work (French).
Join us in Montreal to unfold the story of a neighbourhood that has gone from suffering socioeconomic decline to achieving important transformations in the last 10 years through citizen-led mobilization.
CDC Centre-Sud
The Corporation de développement communautaire (CDC) Centre-Sud is a multi-sectoral group of nearly 50 stakeholders that support active participation of the community in increasing the visibility of actions that support social and economic vitality. Learn more about current activities (French).
Join us in Montreal to learn about the work of this historic neighbourhood to support food security in a creative and inclusive manner.
Peter-McGill Community Council
The  mission  of  the  Peter-McGill  Community  Council  is  to  encourage a sense of belonging to the neighbourhood and an active involvement in community life o; create a place where stakeholders can express their concerns; collectively  determine  priorities  for  action  and  be  empowered  to  improve  the  quality  of  life for all. Read their latest annual report (October 2016).
Join us this June in Montreal to learn more about the major property transformations that this high-density neighbourhood is facing , and how residents have been advocating for secure and affordable housing for their families.
Saint-Léonard is a space for cross-sectoral dialogue that brings residents together to contribute for local well-being. Their work is guided by a set of shared values that support teamwork and build a common vision: engagement, respect, trust, solidarity, and democracy. Learn more about their current projects (in French).
Join us in Montreal to discover this of a community’s journey to developing its collective impact.
Solidarité Mercier-Est
Solidarité Mercier-Est is a multi-sectoral roundtable that works to improve quality of life. They mobilize residents to launch collective actions that have an impact on the neighbourhood’s social, economic, community and, environmental development. Learn more about their six neighbourhood priorities (French).
Join us in Montreal to find out how this neighbourhood has reclaimed a commercial street to develop public spaces and support buying locally.
Want to learn more about Montreal’s neighbourhood roundtables? Have a look at their online directory.