SiG in Atlantic Canada

Social Innovation Generation (SiG) members recently participated in two events in Atlantic Canada—the Social Innovation in Nova Scotia Forum and the ALIA (Authentic Leadership in Action) Summer Institute.
The Social Innovation in Nova Scotia Forum took place June 15 and involved leaders from all sectors of society. It included discussions on cross-sector collaboration, social finance, new approaches to solving complex challenges, the community and social innovation, and the role of ‘solutions labs’.
The forum served as a springboard for a leadership team to increase provincial investment in social innovation; implement engagement strategies to ensure diverse participation; and build spaces for developing, prototyping, and launching innovations.
From June 18-22 near Halifax, more than 200 people came together for the ALIA Summer Institute, where SiG members Frances Westley and Tim Brodhead headlined the first day and Vickie Cammack, Tim Draimin, Al Etmanski, and Cheryl Rose led a four-day Social Innovation workshop entitled How the World is Changed: Seeing and Shifting Patterns in Systems.
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