Roots of Empathy in the New York Times

Roots of Empathy (ROE) was the focus of a recent New York Times story that explores ROE’s unique way of combating bullying. Fighting Bullying with Babies by David Bornstein outlines the ROE methodology, documents its successes, and offers hypotheses of why it works.
In the article, Bornstein provides this illustration of his experience with ROE: “I have visited several public schools in low-income neighborhoods in Toronto to observe Roots of Empathy’s work. What I find most fascinating is how the baby actually changes the children’s behavior. Teachers have confirmed my impressions: tough kids smile, disruptive kids focus, shy kids open up. In a seventh grade class, I found 12-year-olds unabashedly singing nursery rhymes.”
Read the article in its entirety here.
McConnell grantee Roots of Empathy was founded in 1996 by Mary Gordon and has reached more than 325,000 children worldwide.