COVID-19 Decision-Making: A Social Impact Tool for Social Purpose-driven Organizations

With the emergence of the global COVID-19 pandemic,
social purpose-driven organizations are stepping up to
the challenge of pivoting their business models to play
their role. Now, more than ever, leaders are called upon to
make immediate and profound decisions with far-reaching
consequences – and with the potential to accelerate and scale
their social impact ripple into their communities and beyond.
To help with this unique decision-making opportunity, the
McConnell Foundation developed this social impact
decision-making tool.

Organizations are encouraged to use this lens to inform
the strategic decisions they are called upon to make during
the COVID crisis. Doing so will put organizations and their
stakeholders on a path to a flourishing future for all. Please
contact us at to tell us your story of how you
used this tool and provide advice on how to improve upon it.

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