Sport for Development

Catalyst: FitSpirit

Changing the rules of the game to empower young women   Too many girls are dropping out of sports programs at an early age. Sports and recreation programs, including high school-based physical education (PE) classes, can help girls develop a lifelong love for physical activity and an overall sense of wellness. However, many of these […]

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Good Sport

Good Sport was written by award-winning author Silver Donald Cameron, and includes a foreword by Governor-General David Johnston. It is a compilation of stories that reflect the diversity of projects that took place in the Sport for Development initiative, from the participantscategory perspectives.

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The Sport Matters Group: ‘Un-organizing’ the Future of Canada’s Not-for-Profit Sector

Examine la structure informelle du Groupe Le sport est important (GSI) et présente un aperçu de son statut de « non-organisation ». Explore les avantages de cette structure peu courante et offre une inspiration pour l'adoption d'une structure « non organisationnelle ». D'abord publié dans The Philanthropist. En anglais seulement.

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