Re-Code launches

The Foundation is pleased to launch Re-Code, an initiative dedicated to catalyzing social innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education across the country. Re-Code is a call to social innovation—to redesign public institutions from the inside out; to disrupt business as usual; to found and grow new social enterprises; to create partnerships across institutional and sectoral boundaries—in short, to ‘recode’ our culture’s operating systems in order to achieve a more just, sustainable and beautiful world.
Re-Code will operate at two levels. At the community and campus level, it will support the establishment or advancement of social innovation ‘zones’. At the national level, it will encourage a culture of open collaboration among colleges, universities and other stakeholders, through the creation of a national network.
Re-Code’s purpose is to apply the tools and resources of social innovation, social entrepreneurship and impact investing to solving our most pressing societal challenges. We hope that it will strengthen universities’ and colleges’ roles as active drivers of social progress, and provide additional support to the generation that will lead our society in 5, 10 and 20 years from now.
A webinar will take place on Tuesday May 13th at 12pm. To learn more about the initiative click here.