Ontario government funds seven new SNAP sites in Fall 2015

CDI-BH-bold-4CThe Ontario government has endorsed Foundation grantee, the Child Development Institute‘s SNAP program as an evidence-based middle-years program for high-risk children with serious behaviour problems and is fully funding the development of seven new SNAP sites in Ontario.
Additionally, SNAP recently received the Ruth Atkinson Hindmarsh Award from the Atkinson Foundation. The annual award of $50,000 is given to leading child and youth organizations to celebrate and support their work.
Developed over 30 years ago as an intervention program for children under the age of 12 in conflict with the law, SNAP has evolved into an internationally-recognized, evidence-based, gender-specific model. SNAP is a proven program that focuses on emotion regulation, self-control and problem-solving, and teaches children with behavioural problems, and their parents, how to make better choices “in the moment.”
SNAP was recently the subject of a Random Control Trial published by Drs. Jeff Burke and Rolf Loeber in the Journal of Child and Family Studies. The study indicated that fewer SNAP children had criminal records after 15 months than those children in the control groups. Overall, the study found that the SNAP outreach program was providing an effective cognitive-behavioral program for antisocial children in the short term, with possible effects that extend into adolescence and adulthood. Additionally, another study done at Cambridge University shows that the savings to society — through reduced criminal costs alone — are up to $32.00 for every $1.00 invested.
The Child Development Institute aims to offer SNAP to an additional 20,000 children across the country by 2019.