On-Ramping to the Next Economy: Financing Innovation, Sustainability, and Resilience

Stephen Huddart’s recent contribution to the Open Source Business Resource speaks about creating resilient local economies and the possibility of networking these nodes to “reshape markets in the public interest, rather than to a race to protect and monopolize benefits for a select few.”
An excerpt:
According to one feisty audience member at a conference I spoke at in Phoenix recently, growing US indebtedness and a weakening dollar will result in the US dollar losing its role as the world’s reserve currency. As other countries elect to price their transactions in Euros, gold, or something else, they will dump their unwanted dollars, driving the greenback even lower. Consequently, he insisted, it’s time to think about creating local and regional currencies, along with the militia we’ll need in order to protect ourselves when the US government goes bankrupt… Without subscribing to the alarmist and defeatist rhetoric of our commentator, we can agree that resilient local economies are an important element in any innovation ecosystem.
Read the blog post in its entirety here.