Official Launch of the Diploma in Social Innovation

On November 25, faculty, students, and collaborators gathered for the official launch of the University of Waterloo‘s Diploma in Social Innovation. Created by the University in partnership with the Foundation, the diploma’s goal is to respond to Canada’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.
“To successfully address the complex problems we face as a society, it is essential that we learn to work collaboratively among the private, public and community sectors,” said the Foundation’s Stephen Huddart. “The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation is pleased to support the Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation and looks forward to the new partnerships, fresh thinking and actionable solutions that emerge from this talented group of faculty and students.”
Thirty-three participants from across Canada are enrolled, with a first year focus on three key issues: aging, newcomers to Canada and mental health. Led by Frances Westley—the J. W. McConnell Chair in Social Innovation and Director of the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience—the program draws on the expertise of world-renowned academics and expert practitioners and thought leaders from across the country.
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