New Sustainable Food Reports

The Regional Value Chain program, part of the Foundation’s Sustainable Food Systems initiative, is supporting work to strengthen regional food systems in communities across Canada. Two new reports funded under this program have been published that reflect the diversity of approaches being taken:
Feeding Diversity: Community Access and Commercialization of World Crops: so called ‘world crops’—grains, pulses and vegetables that reflect the cultural origins of immigrant communities—play an important role in the diets of newcomers to Canada, as well as presenting niche market opportunities for farmers and grocers. Recently Toronto Public Health and Vineland Research and Innovation Centre published a report that assesses market opportunities for local world crop producers.
A common challenge facing regional food systems is that the means of efficiently distributing locally grown foods to institutional buyers no longer exist, having been displaced by systems that favour an import/export economy. The Perth County Regional Food Hub Feasibility Study examines the potential to invest in local infrastructure to restore vitality to a regional market. Coordinating the work, Foundation partner Food Secure Canada convenes a Local and Sustainable Food Systems network that provides members with ongoing opportunities for learning and collaboration.