Employment Type: Full-time, including benefits and vacations.

Location: Successful applicants must reside full-time in Montreal. (Remote work is in effect while COVID-19 restrictions apply.) To apply, you must reside in Canada.

Supervisor: President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

About the Foundation

Headquartered in Montreal, and with additional staff in Ottawa, Toronto, and Edmonton the McConnell Foundation is a pan-Canadian private family foundation that supports efforts to build a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient Canada through social innovation.


The successful candidate will join a fast-paced and dynamic team at a time of rapid transition both inside and outside the Foundation. If you want to support positive social, environmental and economic change in Canada, this is an opportunity to do exactly that. And if you’re looking to work with inspired and inspiring change makers from coast to coast to coast, learn about philanthropy and social change, while being professionally challenged, then this is the job for you.

Position Summary

Reporting to the President and CEO, the person occupying this function acts as executive secretary for corporate affairs and for the membership of corporation, the Annual General Assembly, and for a variety of committees, such as: the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the Audit Committee, the Investment Committee, and any other committee specified by the Board of Directors.

They support the Corporation Secretary in their role, as stipulated by article 7.1 e. in BY-LAW ONE relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of The J.W. MCCONNELL FAMILY FOUNDATION.

They are one of the preferred points of contact and communication for the Trustees, and are responsible for transmitting to them the information necessary for the discharge of their duties as directors of the Foundation.

They propose, and participate actively in the development of, tools for the corporation and the President and CEO, and tools to be used in special projects, which they may be called upon to help move forward, coordinate or take charge of, as needed. They collaborate with all Foundation teams and serve as a preferred point of contact for the CEO. They will take on responsibilities that relate to support of the CEO. To that end, they will provide followup and administrative assistance. They may also be called upon to carry out a variety of research, communication or coordination tasks for the CEO.

Overall allocation of duties (% target)

Governance – 60 %
Support for the CEO – 15 %
Administration – 15%
Collaborations, special projects and other tasks – 10 %


Main responsibilities

Governance (60%)

  • Calls meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, as well as the Annual General Assembly, Special General Assemblies, meetings of
  • Board committees and special committees, and ensures any necessary follow up before and after such meetings.
  • Prior to meetings, independently writes, prepares and conceives the relevant documents, including the Board Book, while ensuring communication with the various internal and external actors with a view to obtaining all the key elements of the files to be dealt with; writes notices of meetings, agendas, minutes, draft resolutions, presentations, executive summaries, risk analyses and various other documents required for meeting or governance purposes, ensures the quality thereof, and transmits them to the parties involved in the prescribed timeframe.
  • Prepares checklists, notes, scenarios and other materials for the Chair of the
  • Board of Directors and the CEO, either for the purposes of Board meetings, or Executive Committee meetings, or the Annual General Assembly, or any other meeting or circumstances where such material may be required.
  • Ensures that every committee’s mandate, including roles and responsibilities and the composition of the committees, is reviewed and updated annually.
  • Maintains the necessary liaison and communications with members of the Board of Directors and the various committees between meetings, and attends to the integration of all new committee members.
  • Coordinates and manages all activities flowing through the digital governance platform; updating of documents, managing confidentiality, user training, and ongoing assistance for members using the platform.
  • Is responsible, with the support of the Office Manager, for the logistics, preparation and proper running of meetings.
  • Keeps up to date the lists of the Directors and of the various committees, and monitors the serving out of terms in accordance with internal regulations.
  • Is the keeper of the seal and the records of the corporation, and of documents such as the instruments of incorporation, legal documents, minutes of members’ assemblies, of meetings of the Board of Directors, of the Executive
  • Committee, of other committees, and any others which may be entrusted to them by the CEO.
  • Ensures that the corporation’s internal regulations are adhered to, as needed.
  • Keeps up to date the list of members of the corporation, ensures their annual renewal in accordance with the general regulations and prepares any relevant notices or documents.
  • Sets up the calendar of meetings for the year for the various committees and proposes an annual work plan, and subjects to be dealt with, for each committee.
  • Stays up to date on best practices in governance so as to ensure that the
  • Foundation is exemplary in the way its Board of Directors functions; consults the relevant internal actors and works closely with the Governance
  • Committee to develop, recommend and enhance relevant governance tools, and carry out in an effective manner the recruitment of external members for such committees as are specified by the Board of Directors.
  • Liaises with the Foundation’s legal advisor on all legal matters.

Support for the CEO (15%)

  • Contributes to general communications and secretarial work in the office of the CEO; proposes and prepares communications to be issued by the CEO, creates presentations, drafts email, letters, notes, speeches, etc.
  • Ensures the scheduling of meetings, the organization of certain committees or events, and the updating and management of the CEO’s agenda. To this end, organizes and ensures the follow-up of important meetings, collaborates in the preparation of various documents, files or other items related to these activities; makes reservations for the President and CEO’s travel.
  • Triages telephone messages according to urgency and/or importance; directs calls to the relevant staff person if necessary.

Administration (15%)

  • Arranges for the President and CEO’s approval for all documents specified by the Signing Directives; contracts, cheques, electronic transactions, investments, contributions to partners, etc…
  • Receives invoices and transmits them to Finance. Verifies that the right account number is utilized.
  • Prepares the President and CEO’s expense statements.

Collaborations and special projects (10%)

  • Proposes, prepares, enhances and revises policies, manuals and various other documents relating to the good governance of the organization or to current special projects.
  • Consults, and carries out research, analysis and benchmarking at the request of the CEO, the Board of Directors, or the committees, or relating to current special projects.
  • Ensures communication among all internal and external actors with regards to policies, manuals, and special projects, in the collection and verification of information; monitors and ensures progress of files.
  • Proposes, enhances or creates a variety of tools that support the work of the CEO, the Board of Directors, committees, or special projects (grids, diagrams, presentations, etc.).
  • Coordinates various projects as requested by the CEO, ensures their progress and realization.

Temporarily carries out the duties of a related position, when required.

The above list of roles and responsibilities is summary and for the purposes of illustration. It is not a complete and exhaustive list of the roles and responsibilities that may be carried out by the holder of this position. However, roles and responsibilities not included here shall not be taken into account in performance evaluation for this position.

Skills and attributes

  • Excellent grasp of English grammar
  • Very good knowledge of French
  • Ability to write and translate general correspondence
  • Excellent knowledge of the Foundation’s office tools, tools used to facilitate telecommuting (Zoom, Teams, other), and the governance platform, along with openness to, and strong capacity for, learning new software.
  • Ability to communicate with tact, caring and politeness
  • High level of initiative and strong capacity to work independently
  • Excellent judgment and ability to work in a team
  • Ability to have a complete vision and understanding of the organization, desire to be aware of all services and current projects, ability to make connections between different situations and files
  • Discretion, respect for confidentially and impeccable professional ethics
  • Strong capacity for planning and organizing work

Relevant Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  • Five (5) years in a position at the same level


 Apply on LinkedIn 

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, you may submit your application by email to careers@mcconnellfoundation.ca. Please include your C.V. and a brief cover letter of 250 words maximum stating what interests you most about this role. Application deadline: March 5, 2021.