Innoweave: What's Your Theory of Change?

The Innoweave Impact and Strategic Clarity module focuses on an approach to strategic thinking that eludes many non-profit organizations. Rather than focusing on what we do (activities), a theory of change requires us to think about the ultimate goals we are trying to achieve (outcomes) and how, through our activities, we achieve those goals. Though it sounds simple, this is actually a fairly challenging exercise – so much so that Innoweave is putting 14 organizations through a 6-month process to develop their intended impact statements and theories of change. For organizations with a wide range of programs, a long history, or that operate on a system-level, defining a single intended impact for the organization is no easy task. But doing so can help organizations better understand what activities are most effective in achieving that impact, and therefore make more strategic decisions about where to focus their efforts in a resource-scarce environment.
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