Innoweave Launches Developmental Evaluation Module

Innoweave is excited to announce the launch of its latest module on Developmental Evaluation (DE). This innovative approach to evaluation allows organizations to gather data on a new initiative or approach while it is in progress, providing real-time feedback to allow for its continuous improvement. DE is particularly useful in complex and continuously evolving environments, and helps organizations better understand the connections between their actions, short-term outcomes, and long-term impacts.
An Innoweave workshop on DE will be held in Toronto on February 5, in partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation. In parallel, Innoweave will run a facilitator training session for organizations and individuals who are interested in running a future Innoweave DE workshop in their community or within their network. All workshop materials are freely available at
Applications to attend the February 5 workshop and February 4-5 facilitator training are due January 16.