Innoweave Featured on OTF's [SiC] Blog

Innoweave’s Aaron Good shared his thoughts on social innovation in the not-for-profit sector in the latest edition of [SiC], the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s blog. In his post, Aaron talks about the need for non-profits to move from a “business as usual” approach and the role of tools for social innovation in enhancing organizational impact. As Aaron notes,

“Innovation is not easy. It takes resources – resources that community organizations are rarely able to divert from their programming. Too many don’t have the time to stop or slow down the train, despite the fact that there may be a better route than the one that they are taking. They aren’t able to check if they running on low-efficient fuel, or passing right by their destination. Some aren’t even clear exactly what the destination is, even if they know that it’s somewhere to the North, or South of where they are today.  Finally, when passionate, hardworking leaders do squeeze out the time to look beyond their latest crisis, they often find so many options and choices on how to do things better that it can be almost overwhelming. Some may ask themselves: Where should I start? What option is best for us? How do I decide? Or even, How do I make this this happen?”

To access the full blog post, click here.