Strategic Vision

The 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada represents a milestone and a time of reflection. Possible Canadas was a partnership of diverse organizations dedicated to enabling conversations about the future of the country, helping us to imagine the kind of society that we and our successors would relish living in.

About the program

Possible Canadas was created in late 2015, during the lead-up to Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations. We sought answers to questions such as:

    • What Canadas are possible?
    • How will the ways we think and act affect the future we will have?
    • What is needed of us?


The project had two phases:


1. Thought Leaders

In a six-week series of interviews conducted by Reos Partners, Canadians with a variety of experiences discussed the major challenges our country is facing and how best to address them. Short versions of these interviews were published by The Globe and Mail. To find out more about the project and to read the full-length interviews with Canadians such as Sheila-Watt Cloutier, Ratna Omidvar, Jim Balsillie, Steven Guilbeault, Elizabeth May and many more, go to the Possible Canadas website.

2. Campus Views

What do you want Canada to be? This is the question that 10 student journalists posed to their campus communities. They conducted dozens of interviews, and then produced in-depth investigations into how Canada could start to realize these visions. What did they learn? That despite all the stereotypes of disengaged Millennials, young people have a lot to say about the future of our country. The resulting in-depth articles are at the Possible Canadas website.

Possible Canadas has helped spark similar projects by imagiNation 150 (i150) in Calgary and the 4Rs Indigenous youth movement.