Working with Innoweave

Exploring how social sector organizations can create impact

Innoweave helps community organizations learn about the different social innovation approaches and how applying them can enhance their impact. Its website offers a range of social innovation tools, such as case studies, webinars and workshop opportunities. Learn more at

These tools have been curated from leading social innovation sources throughout Canada and across the world to provide a range of avenues to help organizations create greater impact and support large-scale change. lists each of these tools and approaches in its coaching streams, along with examples of how they can be implemented in different cases.

Working with Innoweave to build a new idea that will create positive change

Innoweave’s numerous social innovation tools help community organizations create an approach that is tailored to their needs. Through workshops and online learning platforms, teams can develop an actionable plan to incorporate a new, innovative approach into their work and foster greater impact.

Creating change and building capacity for future impact enhancement.

Once an organization or collaborative has a good idea of how it will develop a new model for impact, it will have access to tailored, one-on-one support. Coaching applications are reviewed three times a year. Learn more about implementation support here.

When organizations work with an Innoweave coach, they begin to implement their innovative ideas and build their internal capacity to foster innovation and large-scale change in other aspects of their work. Hundreds of organizations have successfully completed Innoweave coaching. The national network of coaches is available to work in any community.

News 02 April 2020

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