Most of us around the world call cities home, including here in Canada, where more than 80 percent of people live in urban areas. Globally, another 2.5 billion people will live in cities by 2050. Urbanization represents one of the greatest challenges of our times, particularly because of rising social inequalities, unprecedented demographic shifts, and environmental degradation. We must make fundamental changes to the way we think about and build cities if they are to become places where all people can thrive. Our aim in Cities for People is to support inclusive urban innovationInclusive urban innovation: the process of developing strategies and solutions that challenge current urban practices and institutions for systemic change, creating cities that better address changing societal needs, aspirations as well as environmental imperatives. that contributes to resilientResilience: the capacity of communities to self-organize, proactively absorb shocks and take advantage of opportunity. A resilient city is one where infrastructure and amenities are deployed to meet the needs of all. cities where all people and nature can flourish.