As a funder, we play many roles and often commit to one initiative for a decade or longer. We support risk-taking and experimentation, and seek opportunities to work with diverse stakeholders on transforming complex problems into opportunities for inclusive growth and reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. All of our granting aligns with our mission of supporting Canadians in building a better inclusive, innovative, sustainable and resilient society.

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Active Initiatives

Cities for People

Our aim in Cities for People is to support inclusive urban innovation that contributes to cities where all people and nature can flourish.

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Innoweave fosters social innovation and large-scale impact through Canada’s social sector. To achieve this, Innoweave helps community organizations learn about, develop, and implement innovative approaches that enhance their impact.

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Net-Zero Carbon Economy

By applying a social justice framework to our granting and investments, and by advancing systemic change, we can contribute to Canada transitioning to a net-zero carbon economy in a way [...]

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Re-Code supports the capacity of schools to weave social innovation tools and practices into the very fabric of campus and community culture.

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By working together to address the legacy of our shared history, Canada will become a more inclusive and resilient country. The Foundation believes that this can be achieved, in part, [...]

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Sustainable Food Systems

The Foundation's Sustainable Food Systems initiative aims at effecting systemic change by building food systems that create vibrant local economies, ensure environmental sustainability and contribute to health and wellbeing for [...]

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Inactive initiatives


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