In Memoriam, Adam Steinberg

Adam Steinberg

In honour of the passing of Adam Steinberg, who died April 19, 2018, we would like to remember his remarkable contributions to Montreal’s civil society as a philanthropist and community member. Son of Blema Steinberg and Arnold Steinberg, former chancellor of McGill University, Adam carried on his family’s philanthropic legacy, and did so in his own unique way.

Adam’s compassion and generous spirit led him to play a key role with community organizations across Montreal. He thrived on rolling up his sleeves and getting involved. When Santropol Roulant needed a new building he took on the project with great commitment. From financing to project management, Adam dedicated himself to ensuring the project would succeed.

Based on this experience, Adam went on to co-found the Silver Dollar Foundation, dedicated to helping community organizations improve their physical infrastructure and to support youth development. As the work evolved, the Silver Dollar Foundation became a member of the Project d’Impact Collectif and was an early and constant supporter of the Esplanade.

Adam is deeply missed at the McConnell foundation, and we extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends.