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Common Wealth

Social and Economic Inclusion
$161,231 2019 - 2020 Support from the Foundation will be used to continue outreach to nonprofit sector employers to provide the Common Good Retirement to their employees and to develop financial education and literacy materials tailored for the unique needs of the nonprofit sector.
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Environment, Healthy Communities
$300,000 2019 - 2022 A grant from the Foundation will be used to expand the CityStudio model to more cities across Canada.
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USC Canada

Environment, Healthy Communities Sustainable Food Systems
$491,000 2019 - 2022 USC Canada will use this grant to increase the number of farmers and researchers engaged in sustainable farming, participatory plant breeding through the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security.
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Fellowship on Society and Climate

$75,000 2019 - The Foundation will support a fellowship for Seth Klein to write a book.
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Sacred Fire Productions

Reconciliation The McConnell Reconciliation Initiative
$150,000 2019 A grant from the Foundation will support Sacred Fire to broaden its support for Indigenous cultural entrepreneurs while also working to achieve policies that protect the rights of Indigenous artists throughout Canada.
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Pour 3 Points

Healthy Communities, Youth and Education
$300,000 2019 - 2021 A grant from the Foundation will enable Pour 3 points to extend its operations throughout Quebec and build partnerships outside the province.
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Open North

Healthy Communities
$322,463 2019 - 2021 Open North will use funds from this grant to hire two analyst positions and to develop training materials that address the needs of the community and public sectors.
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Maytree Foundation

Healthy Communities Cities for People
$500,000 2019 - 2021 The Urban Project aims to empower Canadian cities to take on the big challenges they face, and to generate the action and ideas needed to solve those challenges -- from immigration, affordable housing, and the need for new infrastructure, to adapting to advances in technology, urban mobility, and the impacts of climate change. The Urban Project will strengthen relationships and leverage expertise across all orders of government, civil society, the private sector, and academia in ways that will promote, build, and share innovative and scalable local best practices to tackle these challenges in cities, where the vast majority of Canadians call home.
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Healthy Communities Cities for People
$165,932 2019 - 2020 A grant from McConnell would enable Entremise to work with the City of Montreal and partners to expand its project transforming transitional vacant urban spaces for use by community services.