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Judith Marcuse Projects

Healthy Communities
$145,000 2020 - 2022 This grant will enable Judith Marcuse Projects to create arts for social change internships in environmental organizations to help advance their efforts to communicate in more meaningful ways about a just transition to a low-carbon future
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Indigenous Clean Energy

Reconciliation The McConnell Reconciliation Initiative
$300,000 2020 - 2022 Funds from the Foundation will be used to support Indigenous Clean Energy’s Bringing It Home project which identifies, funds and implements energy efficiency opportunities in Indigenous communities.
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Turtle Island Institute

Reconciliation The McConnell Reconciliation Initiative
$1,500,000 2019 - 2024 Funds will be used to train Indigenous facilitators designers and evaluators to deliver Indigenous social innovation methodologies to Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations across Canada.
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Concordia University (Institute for Investigative Journalism)

Healthy Communities, Youth and Education
$600,000 2019 - 2022 NSIRN will use a grant from the Foundation to train more students, produce more work, and develop a sustainable business model.
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Canadian Alliance for Healthy School Communities

Healthy Communities, Youth and Education WellAhead
$318,000 2019 - 2021 The Canadian Alliance for Healthy School Communities will use a grant from the foundation to promote action on district-wide wellbeing and to support superintendents, principles and school trustees across Canada to take a more systemic approach to wellbeing.
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Healthy Communities Cities for People
$322,466 2019 - 2021 A grant from the Foundation will support Ethelo Democracy to engage community and public sector partners in collaborative, inclusive approaches to revitalizing democratic processes and institutions.
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Shareholder Association for Research and Education

Reconciliation The McConnell Reconciliation Initiative
$180,000 2019 - 2022 SHARE will use this grant to encourage institutional investors to provide economic opportunities for Indigenous communities through their investments.
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Canada Council for Aboriginal Business

Reconciliation The McConnell Reconciliation Initiative
$175,000 2019 - 2022 The CCBA will use funds to develop a database of corporations committed to Aboriginal procurement and a directory of Certified Aboriginal Businesses in Canada.
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Royal Roads University

Environment RENEW
$300,000 2019 - 2020 Royal Roads will use funds from this grant to help establish the Cascade institute which will focus on identifying key interventions to address climate change.