Are you still accepting applications for grants?

The Foundation is continuing to accept applications. However, we don’t expect to make decisions until December at the earliest, and up to 3-4 additional months to approve an application.

How can I submit an application?

You are welcome to submit an online application via our granting portal (, which remains open. Note that the Foundation does not provide guidance on individual applications. 

As a current grant recipient, will I still receive grant payments?

For grantees whose proposals have already been accepted and approved by the Board, nothing will change. Please continue to send any report requirements through our granting portal. Your staff contact will ensure that it is processed appropriately.

I am a philanthropic / non-profit partner of the McConnell Foundation. Will the nature of our relationship change?

Continuing to develop and nurture relationships remains foundational to our work. For current partners and co-funders, we are honouring all prior contracts and granting agreements.

What will the Foundation be doing over the next few months while it’s on hiatus from new granting?

A lot! In addition to our regular work, the Foundation has disbursed a record number of grants in 2020, responding to the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19. These grants require management, evaluation and learning. During this time, we are going to complete a leadership transition, and reflect on the future of our work. 

Can I continue discussions with my staff contact at the Foundation?

Staff remain committed to supporting, listening to and learning from grantees and partners. If you have a staff contact already, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them. For general inquiries, please contact Please review our general FAQ if you have additional questions. 


We recognize that some projects will be delayed as a result of this pause, but feel certain that this time is necessary and will improve our capacity to support grantees and partners. Meanwhile, as noted above, all previous commitments will be honoured and fulfilled on schedule.