Granting and impact investment priorities for 2018

The following is for the benefit of any organization approaching the Foundation for support or collaboration in 2018. For more information about granting, please visit our Granting web pages.

In 2018, all the Foundation’s granting and investing will be aligned with the following priority areas:

1) Support for social innovation and social finance

The Foundation is integrating its impact investing and granting goals, including through the development of program-related investments (PRI’s).

At the end of 2017, the Foundation concluded its funding relationship with Social Innovation Generation (SiG); in 2018 we will help assess needs, opportunities, current assets and gaps in the social innovation ecosystem and plan our future engagement in this field.

We will continue to support social innovation networks and exchanges, chiefly through existing partnerships.

Two funds remain open to general application:

2) Other responsive granting

The Foundation sometimes encounters community organizations that are on the cutting edge of their field; they are already testing promising approaches to stuck problems and are poised to scale. While we will prioritize grants that correspond to our initiatives [see below] we will sometimes consider proposals that contribute to our broader mission of engaging Canadians in building a society that is inclusive, reconciled, sustainable and resilient—and that advances progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

3) Foundation initiatives

The Foundation’s Sustainable Food granting initiative is now focused on food security in Northern Indigenous communities and on the Nourish initiative, which seeks to improve the future of food in health care, and is not considering unsolicited proposals.

Note that we receive a large volume of proposals every year and fund only a small number. We encourage applicants to seek support from a diversity of funding sources. We prefer to help take existing initiatives to scale rather than funding new ideas.