Background of the organization

The Winnipeg Boldness Project was originally established in 2014 to address the comparatively low school readiness and social outcomes for children in Winnipeg’s North End, which is one of the most marginalized urban areas in Canada and has a large Indigenous population. The organization’s goal has evolved over time to be more holistic: its current aim is for children and families to experience dramatically improved wellbeing in all aspects of life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The team has engaged over 1,000 children and family members in ongoing work over the past seven years. The Winnipeg Boldness Project was initiated as a partnership among the Manitoba Government’s Healthy Child office, United Way of Winnipeg (the fiduciary), and the Foundation. This strong partnership between government, civil society and the philanthropic sector is the only social lab in Winnipeg’s North End and has brought substantial results for Indigenous families and communities.

Project Description

The Project has centered Indigenous wisdom in a social lab methodology of community-driven design and prototyping. Their growing list of community prototypes includes: Indigenous Doulas, Health & Wellness Planning (Gwekaanimad), Supports for Dads, Hub of Strength – Indigenous Learning Circle, Transportation, Housing, North End Wellbeing Measure, Canada Learning Bond, and Participation in the Arts.