Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation

The University of Waterloo’s Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation is a partnership between leading academics, experts from the public, private, and community sectors from across the country, and the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. Nominations are now being accepted for participation in the program’s 2013-2014 offering, whose theme is Young Canadians Innovating for a Resilient Canada.
It will be focused on, but not limited to, individuals aged 22-35 with experience as change-makers, and who want to learn to work for broad system change (political, economic, legal, education, environmental, social, etc). Together, this cohort will collaborate to more deeply understand our national systems, to identify key challenges, and to develop social innovation strategies that can move social and environmental systems in positive directions.
Nominees may come from the private, public, or community sectors, and must have a clear passion for change, a tolerance for risk, a deep appreciation for collaboration, a high interest in learning, and a strong desire for action. If you know someone who fits this profile, please consider nominating them for a spot in this sought after program.
For program information, please click here.