Community Forests International

Short Description:

Community Forests International (CFI) is proposing to establish a network for growing the rural green economy in Atlantic Canada by creating the Ecosystem Collective.

Background of the Org:

Based in New Brunswick, Community Forests International is an environmental start-up working to connect people and their communities to the forests that sustain them. Initially focused on work in Tanzania, CFI has expanded its activities to Canadian forest-dependent communities. CFI leads the Maritime region in carbon-related policy change, climate change adaptation and rural economic revitalization. The businesses it has incubated are involved in carbon offsetting for corporate partners as well as for sustainable woodlot management. For example, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency recently provided $475,000 in financing to Jaza Energy, a start-up launched by CFI, demonstrating the company’s commercial viability.

Grant Description:

The Ecosystem Collective will engage and serve self-employed individuals, partnerships, limited companies, and non-profits that are aligned around the principle that people can earn a living in rural settings while having a positive effect on the environment. The collective model is well suited to serving as a hub for thriving low-carbon businesses. A grant from the Foundation would be used to hire an Enterprise Development Coordinator to consolidate CFI’s enterprise creation model, establish two new businesses based on CFI’s current work, and launch the Ecosystem Collective.


  • 2017-2019
  • $100,000
  • General Funding
  • Climate

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The grant from the Foundation will allow the Urban Ecology Centre to develop its organizational capacity to effectively expand its programming approach across Canada, to increase its influence on policy, and to diversify its revenue

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