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UBC Sustainability Hub and Learning Exchange: Making Climate Research Accessible to Inform Climate Justice Policy

Funding will contribute to community climate research for residents, to participate in Vancouver climate policy; BC First Nations Climate Action Plan will inform all aspects of the project.

$ 300,000 2022 - 2025

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The Environmental Research Justice Alliance

Funding will be used to create an Indigenous-led Advisory Committee and hire an Indigenous coordinator to recruit and train academic researchers and support selected communities going forward.  

$ 247,500 2022 - 2025

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Building Blocks for Child Care (b2c2)

Funding will contribute to the expansion of non-profit and public early learning and childcare centres in Ontario, with a focus on increasing access for equity-deserving groups.

$ 300,000 2022 - 2024

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Funding will serve to scale the model in Manitoba, to increase number of hubs, to support two existing Indigenous hubs and to integrate Indigenous health and mental care.

$ 400,000 2022 - 2025

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Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)

Funding will support Advocacy Committees to equip businesses, community organizations and municipalities with resources so that they become more accessible.

$ 420,983 2022 - 2024

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Keepers of the Water

Funding will serve for public outreach and education activities, and engage a government relations specialist to prevent the release of toxic tailings ponds into the Arctic drainage basin.

$ 468,000 2022 - 2025

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ENRICH – MakeWay

Funding will serve to run workshops led by Black, Indigenous or racialized organizations about climate change impacts on Black communities, and support leadership skills development.

$ 230,000 2022 - 2024

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InfluenceMap will engage with targeted Canadian corporations and investors to change climate policy engagements practices for climate finance and publish a scoreboard.

$ 200,000 2022 - 2024

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Get on the Bus – Small Change Fund

Funding will contribute to developing a business case for the “Get on the Bus” project, presenting its benefits, as well as identifying partners and funding sources.

$ 200,000 2022 - 2025

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