Please note that this FAQ will be updated regularly as new questions arise. Please check back here for more information.

Your offices are closed. How can I get in contact with you? 

You can still reach us by phone at 514-288-2133. Direct phone lines for staff have also been transferred to their homes. If you don’t know the direct phone number for the person you are trying to reach, dial the main phone number and consult the directory. 

You can also email us directly at at, or you may consult our staff page here:


Are you still accepting grants?

The Foundation is continuing to accept applications and make grants. We calculate our philanthropic spending based on the performance of our endowment over multiple quarters and therefore we do not expect an immediate change to our granting targets.


I want to apply for a grant. How would I do that?

To find out more about the types of projects we fund, please visit the Granting page ( to see if your project would be eligible.

If you have read about our granting priorities and believe that your project addresses an area where we are inviting proposals, then please feel free to submit an online application via our online granting portal ( In doing so, you will ensure that your request receives the full and fair consideration by our review team. The online form has been designed to be brief and simple in order to make it easy for applicants to submit a preliminary proposal and if more information should be required, we will contact you directly.


I need to send you an invoice. What do I do? 

Please send a digital copy of your invoice to your staff contact. They will ensure that it is processed appropriately. Our normal 30-day payment window applies. Please let us know if you require more urgent payment of your regular invoice in order to ensure continued operations. 


How can I schedule an in-person meeting with one of your staff members?

We know that sometimes in-person meetings are the best way to build relationships and get work done, and they remain important to our way of working. However, in keeping with the government’s preventative measures, all meetings will be hosted virtually or postponed until a later date. Please connect with your staff contact to arrange a virtual meeting.