Collaborative Economy Event in Vancouver

April Rinne, Chief Strategy of Collaborative Lab, was in Vancouver as part of a cross-Canada tour on Thursday 13 February 2014.
April Rinne Speaking 300 Photo Daniel-RotmanAt the public event that evening, she illustrated how the collaborative economy (or “the sharing economy”) has the potential to transform the way we design products and services, create sustainable and “shareable” cities, re-imagine public services, reduce waste and connect communities.
Collaborative Consumption and The Sharing Economy: Opportunities for Cities, Organizations, and Well-Being
Featuring April Rinne, Chief Strategy Officer, The Collaborative Lab
Sadhu Johnston, Deputy City Manager, City of Vancouver
Chris Diplock, Co-Founder, Vancouver Tool Library, Lead Researcher, The Sharing Project (learn more about The Sharing Project here)
Hilary Henegar, Marketing Director, Modo – The Car Co-op
In Vancouver, April’s visit was hosted by One Earth as part of Cities for People, with partners including Vancity, The Sharing Project, Modo The Car Co-op, City of Vancouver, The HiVE, CityStudio, Board of Change, Village Vancouver, Share Shed, Pogoride, Ashoka, The Extraenvironmentalist, BC Partners for Social Impact and other local partners. Her national speaking tour is co-sponsored by Social Innovation April Rinne 300 Photo Daniel-RotmanGeneration (SiG). Vanessa Timmer (One Earth) and Tim Draimin (SiG) – pictured at the right – joined April across the country.
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Watch the video recording of April Rinne’s Vancouver public event in Vancouver, recorded at The Hive on 13 February 2013 by The Extraenvironmentalist:

Photo credits: Daniel Rotman 2014