ArtsSmarts holds learning symposium

This past December, ArtsSmarts held its Learning Symposium in Toronto. With a keynote talk from New Brunswick Deputy Minster of English Education John Kershaw, the symposium both celebrated the fine work being done by the programs and highlighted ArtsSmarts’ own emergence as a national charity and independent organization in its own right. The Canadian Network for Arts and Learning hosted an evening recognizing the Foundation’s “outstanding contribution in support of arts and learning in Canada.”
ArtsSmarts Executive Director Annalee Adair paid tribute to the McConnell family and to Foundation staff for their support and guidance over the years, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, leadership and commitment to sustainability.

“You believed that engaging young people in artistic activity was critical to their evolution as creative thinkers,” said Adair. “And that a creative intellect was a crucial asset for young people in the new knowledge-based economy of the 21st century. Acting on this belief, you invested your time, energy, knowledge and funding and created a model of distributed leadership across the country. You have redefined ’contribution’.”
While ArtsSmarts continues to make progress in implementing its program across Canada, funding a national office is proving challenging in the current economic and political climate.
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