ALLIES Releases New Report

Assisting Local Leaders with Immigrant Employment Strategies (ALLIES)—a Maytree and Foundation program to support local efforts in Canadian cities to successfully adapt and implement programs that further the suitable employment of skilled immigrants—was recently profiled in the Globe and Mail.
The article highlights the findings of the recently released report, Global Talent for SMEs: Practical Ideas to Connect Small and Medium Businesses with the Skilled Immigrant Workforce.
The report is a result of the first stages of research ALLIES has undertaken to better understand the programs and policies that can engage and influence the human resource practices of SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises with less than 200 employees).
Drawing on an examination of programs, policies and organizational efforts aimed at SMEs in 10 provinces and 20 cities, and more than 50 interviews with key informants, this research proposes eight practical ideas for cities, service providers and employers.
Click here to learn more about the findings, and to download the report.