Achieving greater impact through collaboration in post-secondary education

A National Movement, Driven By Students.
Higher education is meant to equip young people to be well-rounded citizens, but the system needs to do better. Now is the time for change.
Through Re-Code Collaborate, a project of Re-Code, college and university students in Canada have a new and exciting opportunity to share their ideas on how to redesign the education system for the better. Innovation—especially within the social sector—is driven by being able to connect the dots between diverse people working in diverse fields; being able to think across disciplines; across varied circumstances and conditions.
Thinking and working collaboratively might not come naturally and our institutions aren’t designed to enable cross-sector knowledge sharing and collaboration. We know, however, that the engineer alone will not solve the problem of global climate change, but with the capacity and tools to collaborate across disciplines, that engineer will be better equipped to contribute to and advance promising practices that someday will.
With this understanding in mind, we designed Re-Code Collaborate to be a strategic action-oriented opportunity – where students and their allies will collectively sharpen their collaboration and innovation skills by tackling issues in higher education that are common across the country. Through roundtables and webinars, Re-Code Collaborate is building a national network of transformational changemakers among Canadian students.
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