Leadership & Team

The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprising family members who set policy and assure the Foundation’s good governance. Their leadership and judgement defines the Foundation’s work in Canada’s philanthropic sector.

The Board and Foundation are served by a small staff headquartered in Montreal. Staff of Innoweave and SiG (Social Innovation Generation) are located in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

If you want to apply for funding, please read the Granting section first. The Foundation does not respond to emailed funding requests. For general information, please contact:

President's Office
Stephen Huddart - President & CEO
Niamh Leonard - Social Innovation Associate
Lydia Hetenyi - Executive Assistant
John Cawley - Vice President
Mali Bain - WellAhead Provincial Lead – BC
Jayne Engle - Program Director
Nicolina Farella - Program Director
Jorge Garza - Associate – Cities for People
Beth Hunter - Program Director
Vani Jain - Program Director
Chad Lubelsky - Program Director
Paul McArthur - WellAhead Knowledge Manager
Nicole McDonald - Program Director
Pamela Ouart-McNabb - Senior Program Officer
Darcy Riddell - Director of Strategic Learning
Solutions Finance
Erica Barbosa Vargas (on maternity leave) - Director, Solutions Finance
Sophie Méchin - Solutions Finance Development Manager
Laurence Miall - Director of Public Affairs and Audience Engagement
Adrienne Hiles - Communications Manager
Brianna Hunter - Communications Manager – RECODE
Allyson Hewitt - Senior Fellow
James Hughes - Senior Fellow
Cheryl Rose - Senior Fellow
Jennifer Gammad Lockerby - Social Innovation Fellow, RECODE
Aaron Good - Vice President, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
Doug Brodhead - Program Officer, Innoweave
Natalie Chapdelaine - Innoweave Program Manager, Quebec and francophone communities
Ryan Conway - Program Director, Innoweave
Jacob Dicker - Program Officer, Innoweave
Josh Snider - Program Officer, Innoweave
Social Innovation Generation (SiG)
Tim Draimin - Executive Director
Geraldine Cahill - Manager, Programs and Partnerships
Kelsey Spitz - Senior Associate
Jason Pearman - Fellow
Josée Beauséjour - Secretary-Treasurer
Anna-Maria Scarpato - Office Manager - Assistant Secretary
Edmund Piro, CFA - Director, Investments
Sonia Greco - Program Assistant
Clara Iannetta - Accounts payable
Rosemarie Iapalucci - Program & Grants Administrator
Lydia Hetenyi - Executive Assistant, President's office
Alexandra Schuller - Administrative assistant